Luthier making custom resonator and electric guitars on the Isle of Man
Upgraded Regal brand brass-bodied tricone resonator.

The upgrade consists of the following:
- fit National cones,
- clean up the T bridge
- remove the centre mushroom under the
  neck stick
- reposition the other two mushrooms to free
  up the back for a better tone
- fit an ebony-capped maple bridge (or plain
   maple, boxwood or cherry if you prefer)
 - clean up and polish the bone nut

The guitar is set up the way you want it, and fitted with Newtone strings (as fitted to new  Nationals, and they’re British!)

As usual, a hard case is included in the price. I can’t see the point of selling a guitar without a case, can you?

Price is £620.00 plus shipping.

I can also fit a Schatten pickup for £85.
Budget Tricone
If you already have a Chinese-made tricone then I can do the same upgrade for £285.00 plus shipping.
The recent Chinese cones are better than the old ones, but even so the upgrade still makes a big difference to the sound.
I haven’t done a “before” clip yet, but these are clips of an upgraded Regal. They are straight recordings  with an SM57, nothing added or taken away.