Luthier making custom resonator and electric guitars on the Isle of Man
Remember that the point of a custom guitar is to have exactly what you want, not what the manufacturer wants to sell you!
I can't build the standard model guitars as cheaply as the commercial makers. What I can offer you is a guitar that's different from everyone else's. I also do repairs, custom mods and
I’m happy to do variations and one-off guitars. You’ll see a few  I have made scattered around the site, like this cutaway acoustic in Tasmanian Blackwood & cedar.
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If you own a budget resonator and are disappointed with the sound, why not have it upgraded with a quality cone? You will be amazed at the difference it makes.

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Budget metal body reso
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Meet your maker! Find out a bit about me and my friends, or check out my favourite websites.
I build roundneck and squareneck acoustic and electric resonator guitars, electric guitars, lap steels, travel resonators, resonator mandolins & bass guitars.  Because they're all hand made there's no extra charge for left handers.  On a budget? How about an upgraded Korean-made metal bodied single cone resonator?   Click either of the photos immediately below for pictures and information about my full range.
All kinds of resos
Custom LP-<wbr>style
Cutaway acoustic -<wbr> blackwood & cedar
What’s new - Last completed:

Last finished - Custom Teebird          
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UPDATE:  The latest check-up showed that the chemotherapy I had last year has worked fine. I also discovered that the problems I’ve been having weren’t caused by getting over the chemo but were the result of a vitamin B12 deficiency. I’m now having injections for that and things are much improved - I expect to start working on my backlog after Easter - hooray!

In the  meantime please look around the site for useful information. I am around to answer questions, but email only, please, and it may take a few days to get back to you.