Luthier making custom resonator and electric guitars on the Isle of Man
Other Reso-Fun-ic* Instruments

Metal bodied resonator ukulele. Either branded Recording King (used to be Johnson) or Ashbury, depending on the available supplies. The two brands of reso uke are more or less identical.

Another a really nice instrument (I gig with one myself), only let down by the poor quality tuning machines and sometimes a poor setup.

With Gotoh Deluxe tuners instead of the originals and a fret-dress and setup the price is £200.00 plus shipping.
(Price includes a hard foam  case)

Metal bodied resonator mandolin. This is branded Ashbury but is the same instrument as the one sold in the USA under the brand name Johnson.

It’s basically a nice instrument but the tuners and factory setup aren’t great, so I lower the action, fit Gotoh tuners and D’Addario strings.

The price with these modifications is £295.00 plus shipping.
(This price includes a hard foam bag)
(* Sorry, I couldn’t resist the terrible pun)